Meet The Team

Founder | Occupational Therapist

Being a member of the rehabilitative services in the healthcare industry, I've seen first hand how preventative care and knowing your values could and can save your life. I've helped several clients that have said, "I didn't know what was wrong", "I was feeling dizzy, light-headed" or simply "not myself" and I woke up on the floor or in the ER. Your body informs you days or even weeks in advance if it is under duress, but the indicator isn’t being monitored. What is the indicator??? Blood pressure! High blood pressure not only affects the elderly but the current stressors and poor lifestyle choices are wreaking havoc on Generation X as well as Millennials. So, how do we stay out of the nursing homes and live life to the fullest? By becoming educated, KNOWING your NUMBERS, and making lifestyle changes!

Brand Ambassador | Webmaster

Real killers move in silence!

The #1 silent killer (better known as) Hypertension is the root to all the evil life-threatening conditions that plague our communities across the globe. We have to keep our enemies close! How do we stay two steps ahead of a "symptom-less" killer?

The goal is to consistently deliver a wealth of Knowledge, Management & Prevention to help detect & control High Blood Pressure

Chief Medical Consultant

Dr. Emmanuel Ededet Essien (DrEEE). A licensed general medical practitioner in Nigeria, and a licensed physician in Ukraine. A member of the European Society of Cardiology study group on valvular heart diseases, heart failure and acute cardiovascular care. A brand ambassador to prosmetica skincare company, Canada. Official Wor(l)d Global Distributor. A member of research team on problend probiotics drugs, United Kingdom. An Ambassador to a Nigeria health care platform. United Nations online volunteer

Social Media Manager | Medical Student

Oyeniyi Itunu

Miss Oyeniyi Itunu, a Nigerian born medical student studying in Ukraine, with three years experience in social media marketing and foreign exchange trading. She is the owner of Bitex Connect.